Atenolol – Solution to Anxiety and Phobia

Atenolol is a solution to the anxiety and hypertension problem. Those who are suffering from anxiety can take Atenolol regularly (with doctor’s advice). It can not cure anxiety but it slows down the rate. Atenolol 50 mg tablet is recommended to take before or after food. Do not try to take Atenolol with the direction described in the prescription. Being a beta-blocker Atenolol tablets are used in the treatment of palpitations, sweating and tremors etc. Social anxiety sufferers are also recommended with Atenolol. Phobia or hypertension patients are also treated with Atenolol (buy Atenolol). Atenolol manages to slow down the heart beat and give rhythm to the heart. So it is an important medicine to reduce all kind of chest pain or migraine pain. Atenolol works against the following attacks – Severe chest pain. Difficulty breathing. High blood pressure. Rush of adrenaline. Phobia or fear. The sensitivity of imminent doom. etc Not only it is able to lessen down high blood pressure but also it can control it. Atenolol is also an effective measure for angina or chest pain. Moreover it reduces migraine headaches. This drug is used after heart attack by the surgeons. As there are some major or minor side effects you must find out it before taking it which will be benefited to you. If you have asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, emphysema etc or even if are pregnant/trying to be pregnant, breast-feeding, or have any other medical conditions do not hesitate to tell it to your doctor.Atenolol dosage should be carried on regularly. Doctors recommend Atenolol 50 mg twice or one time a day but sometimes the dose can be light or heavy; even sometimes you may have to take Atenolol after every 8 hours. Do not try to take double dose if you miss any. Always take medicine after consulting with your doctor. Atenolol interacts with some other drugs and as a result patients may suffer from some side effects. So they must be careful about the side effects. Some other drugs like antacids, diabetes medicines and some high blood pressure medicines are used for controlling heart bits but do not take these medicines with Atenolol without consulting your doctor. It is recommended to contact your doctor if you are suffering from side effects due to taking Atenolol. Soft side effects of Atenolol are mainly anxiety, depression, nightmares, headaches, etc. Other minor side effects are - nausea, sexual difficulties etc. Do not take medicine for the side effects without consulting with the doctors. Never stop taking Atenolol without accurate supervision from your physician as it can affect your heart. Sometimes Atenolol can dry your mental attention while taking it for anxiety. Atenolol has some effect on the blood sugar levels so diabetes patients should ask their doctor before taking this remedy. Diet should be changed according to doctor’s advice. Also before the surgery Anxiety patients must not forget to tell their doctors that he/she is taking Atenolol. Anxiety patients may take Atenolol tablets frequently as it helps to improve it. So take scheduled time from your doctor if you are an anxiety tolerant.